Saturday, 11 January 2014

Naihati Youth Computer Training Centre - Learn MS Word - PART II - Free Online Computer Class

In Today's FREE online computer class Anirban Kar, the head teacher of Naihati Youth Computer Training Centre will show you how to use 2 excellent attractive feature of MS Word i.e. Microsoft Word.

In today's lesson you will learn:
  1. How to Insert Clipart Images in a MS Word document
  2. How to search for the right Clipart Image inside MS Word
  3. How to Rotate the inserted Clipart Image as per your requirement and decoration wish
  4. How to make your MS Word document look professional and attractive by making Clipart Image and Text sentences side by side just like you see on popular newspaper
  5. How to Increase and Decrease size of inserted Clipart Images in MS Word document
  6. How to Insert WordArt in your Microsoft Word document
  7. How to choose a correct WordArt to make your document look attractive and professional
  8. How to change WordArt type of a word or sentence without deleting it
  9. How to Increase and Decrease size of inserted WordArt inside Word document
  10. How to move inserted WordArt words and sentences inside MS Word document

In case you are not familiar with MS Word application, then please watch my earlier video published yesterday about Basic Usage on Microsoft Word software program.

In that video you will learn:
  1. How to start MS Word or Microsoft Word software application on MS Windows
  2. How to navigate inside Microsoft Windows Desktop
  3. What is MS Windows Desktop
  4. What it the correct step by steps to start MS Windows properly
  5. How to write a sentence in MS Word
  6. How to manipulate the Font Color, Font Size, Font Types in MS Word application
  7. How to Select a Word and a Sentence in the shortest possible time other than following conventional mouse dragging method, which is a great time saver during practical exams of CBSE, ICSE & WBBSE Board practical Computer exams. This is a sure fire way to get HIGH MARKS in EXAM!
I recommend and suggest to all my online and offline students to watch my training videos available on this blog quite a number of times to understand the concept that I am sharing with them. Because if a student do not understand the concept before doing a certain task then it will be very difficult to grasp the step by steps, which I have shown in this online free video training classes based on CBSE Board Syllabus, especially related to CBSE Syllabus Class VI Computer subject syllabus.

I assure you that if you attend my online classes at this blog and decide to take Private Computer Tuition from me (Phone: +91 90516 24599) your Son or Daughter will get at least 90% and above marks in CBSE, ICSE or WBBSE Syllabus based Board Computer exams.

Also I teach Government Employees on Computer Use over weekends (Saturday & Sunday, SPECIAL CLASS). Many of my students are reputed Teachers.

I also provide 100% PASS GUARANTEE Computer Training related to MCSE, MCITP, MCDST, CCNA Certifications for IT and Computer Professionals around the world through my online tuition and private coaching classes at home.

If you want your Son or Daughter to get HIGH MARKS in Computer Subject in board exams, feel free to contact me.

Phone: +91 90516 24599
Address: 300 Talpukur Road, PO: Naihati, DIST: North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, ZIP/PIN: 743165.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Naihati Youth Computer Centre - Free Computer Class - Learn MS Word - PART I

In this first free online video class "Naihati Youth Computer Centre" will teach you Microsoft Word.
Learn MS Word application with us by following our video instruction step-by-step in an easy way. The Best part of this free video learning method is that if you are novice computer learner also, you can very easily learn from our online video classes by pausing our online video at any moment.

The major benefit of our online free computer class is that you do not have to wait for your computer teacher to come to your home on a fixed day at a fixed time. It does not matter if you want to learn MS Word at mid-night of any day or at early morning, you can learn at any time as per your wish and as per your convenience without depending and waiting for your private tutor to come as per his or her wish.

Now you do not need to depend on anyone to learn computer at home. Another benefit of our free online computer classes are anyone who does not understand much English language also can learn from it because we also teach through our video in Bengali language, which is a regional language of West Bengal India.

Also if you do not live at Naihati or anywhere in West Bengal or Kolkata, it does not matter. If you understand English & Bengali language, then you can easily see our videos on daily basis at anytime you wish to learn Computer at the comfortable of your home.

So lets get started now to learn Microsoft Word or MS WORD application software today.

Watch this video. Pause it any time, rewind the video and repeat it to understand the concept we are describing and then follow along with us step-by-step. It is very easy to understand and easy to learn by anyone irrespective of your age, gender and literacy.

Naihati Youth Computer Center Online Free Video Class - LESSON I (CBSE Board) Class VI - PART I

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